Papa Gallo  MexicanRestaurant


Sides                                        Pint

Chips                                               $3          
House salsa                                    $5
House Pico De Gallo                       $5
Guacamole                                      $12
Cerveza Poblano Queso Dip           $10
Bean Dip                                          $8
Spanish Rice                                    $4
Beans: Refried, Black, Borracho      $4
       (A pint is enough for 2-3 people)

Finger Foods                  Tray of 20
Spinach & Chevre Empanadas        $40
Flautas                                              $40
(Chorizo corn tortilla flutes)      
Albondigas                                        $40
(Lamb & beef meatballs w/ rojo sauce)
Jerk Shrimp                                       $45        Shrimp Ceviche (pint)                       $20
Mole Chicken Skewer                       $35
Chimmichurri Beef Kabob                 $40
Vegetarian Kabob                             $35
(All finger foods come with dipping sauce)

Taco Bar          $10 Per Person
10 person minimum (includes rice & beans)

Chicken Verde
Shredded chicken served with a corn black bean Salsa & cheese blend

Chipotle Adobo Pork
Braised shredded pork served with house slaw, pico & cheese blend

Barbacoa  ($1 up charge)
Shredded sirloin steak served with onion, cilantro & manchego cheese              

Fajita Bar
10 person minimum (includes rice & beans)

Sautéed peppers & onions, served
with a choice of grilled protein

Price per person
Chicken $11  Steak $13  Shrimp $14

Tamales        Tray of 20
Choice of meat include:                              
Chicken                               $50
Adobo pork                          $50
Barbacoa sirloin                   $55

Nacho Bar                $9 Per Person
10 person minimum

Crispy tortilla chips with pinto beans, queso, sour cream, pico, jalapenos, guacamole & choice of meat: adobo pork, ground beef, pulled chicken or shredded beef sirloin ($1 up charge)

Enchiladas               $11 Per Person
10 person minimum (includes rice & beans)

Choice of chicken, shredded beef sirloin, ground beef, cheese, vegetable medley, or chipotle Adobo pork       
 ($1  up charge for sirloin)

Rojo- Red sauce with tomatoes, onions &Spices (mild heat)

Verde- Green sauce with tomatillos, onions & spices (medium heat)

Tomatillo Cream- Verde sauce blended with Cream & white wine (mild-medium heat)

Mole- made with 27 ingredients nuts, coffee, Mexican chocolate, tomatoes & chili peppers
(mild-medium heat)

Queso Poblano- a cheese sauce made with mixed cheeses, poblano peppers, beer & Cream (mild heat)

Morita – smoked roasted chilies, tomatoes, Garlic, onions & cumin (medium- hot heat)



Food Truck & Catering

Let us cater your next event!  We have a full catering menu (please see below).  We are also happy to customize a menu for you. 

Drop off or pickup options are available for your catered event. 

For something different and unique, we now have a state of the art Food Truck. 

This mobile kitchen on wheels is a unique option for for any occasion. 

Please visit our website at cnyfoodtrucks.comfor more information and contact form